Firearms Control Act - Update

15-Dec-2010 Please see the Minister’s press statement. The statement makes it clear the Minister is enacting the renewal provisions of the FC Amendment Act.
The Minister is aware that some competencies have already expired and has given these people until 11 April to make use of the renewal provisions to renew their competency certificates until the 11 April 2011. The regulations that accompany this enactment were explained in the meeting we held and only relate to the renewal forms. The forms have been simplified as stated in the meeting with you.
Please note the Minister has taken a policy decision for SAPS not to charge persons for expired competencies until after 11 April 2011 to give people a chance to make use of the renewals.
The Gazette with the regulations should be printed on Friday but as explained these only apply to a simplified form for renewal. I will notify all of the Gazette and the form as soon as it is finalised.

See statement here.


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