Hunting Permits per Province and other Related Information

12-Jul-2011 Due to the fact that there are vast differences in the Hunting regulations of the nine provinces, it is important for every hunter should familiarize him/her with these regulations before going on a hunting trip.  Subsequently the CHASA Board resolved that a document be compiled asking what is needed to hunt in the various provinces.  Please note that this information only applies to ordinary game for meat/biltong hunting.


  1. Naam van Provinsie = LIMPOPO
  2. Hoe en waar jaglisensies verkrygbaar is (Kontakbesonderhede)= Jag lisensies is bekombaar by alle “Service Centres” van die direktoraat “Wildlife Trade and Regulation” = sien aangehegte brosjure vir kontak nommers en name
  3. Kostes van jaglisensies = Jaglisensie tariewe word van tyd tot tyd aangepas deur die Tesourie Departement. Die huidige pryse vir Koedoe – R84, Rooibok – R32, Bosbok – R32 , Gewone duiker – R 32, Springbok – R32, Hase – R11, Bobbejaan – R 42, Blouaap – R 11.  Hierdie pryse is vir lisensies gedurende “oop seisoene” maar verdubbel vir permitte gedurende “Toe-seisoene” Die lys is nie volledig nie en jagters kan by hul plaaslike kantoor  - “Service Centre” navrae doen vir ander wildsoorte.  ‘n Voëljag lisensie kos R158 per jaar en kom saam met ‘n lys van “Bag limits” per soort – dus hoeveelheid van elke soort wat per dag gejag mag word.
  4. Is dit van toepassing op omheinde/vrygestelde plase asook op oop plase.= ‘n Omheinde plaas het nie noodwendig ‘n geldige vrystelling nie.  Jag lisensies is slegs van toepassing op plase wat nie oor ‘n geldige vrystelling permit beskik nie en slegs gedurende ‘n “OOP” jagseisoen. Dis net van toepassing op elke persoon wat nie op sy eie grond jag nie en ook nie deel uitmaak van die “Familie” van die eienaar soos in die wet gedefinieer. Op geldige vrygestelde plase word net die vooraf verkreë skriftelike toestemming van die houer van die vrystelling benodig – geen jaglisensie nie – vir die soorte wat op die vrystelling gelys is. Soorte nie op vrystelling gelys nie – Alle ander reëls rakende permitte is van toepassing – bv. vir die jag van voëls MOET die jagter steeds ‘n jaglisensie bekom omdat voëls nie op ‘n vrystelling gelys kan word nie.
  5. Word ‘n toestemmingsbrief van die grondeienaar verlang= In alle gevalle moet die eienaar van die plaas of die houer van die vrystelling, aan die jagter ‘n skriftelike toestemming – sien aangehegte formaat – oorhandig VOORDAT daar gejag word.
  6. Word permitte vir spesifieke spesies benodig = Jagpermitte word benodig vir ALLE soorte wat as Spesiaal beskermd, Beskermd geklassifiseer is EN vir Wild waarvoor daar nie ‘n Oop Seisoen verklaar is nie en vir soorte wat nie op die vrystelling gelys is nie. Bv voëls – kan nooit op vrystelling verskyn nie!
  7. Formaat van verwyderings sertifikaat (voorbeeld kan aangeheg word)= Daar is nie so iets soos ‘n verwyderings sertifikaat of vervoer toestemming nie.  Die Wet vereis dat die skriftelike toestemming om te mag jag VOOR die jag gegee word.  Hierdie toestemming – alleen op vrygestelde plase – of tesame met die jaglisensie op nie - vrygestelde plase, is al wat die jagter nodig het om die karkas of vleis te mag vervoer terug huis toe – ongeag waar die jagter (binnelands) vandaan kom.  Die eienaar of vrystelling-houer wat nie sulke lisensies of toestemming het nie, moet ‘n afskrif van die vrystelling of van die transportakte byderhand hê wanneer hy wildsvleis of karkas vervoer wat hy self gejag het.
  8. Enige ander aspekte wat van belang is.= Vra voor jy fouteer! Inligting is gratis!


Hunting licenses for ordinary game is valid from 31 May to 31 August (hunting season) and costs R8.00 per license. Each hunter must apply for a hunting license to hunt in the province. Should the hunting take place out of the hunting season, a separate license is required and the price is R12.00. For protected game special hunting licenses are required.
Hunting licenses can be obtained from most of the firearm dealers in the province or from Nature Conservation Services Tel: 033 845 1154 or from Kwa-Zulu Natal Hunters Association Tel: 031 709 3904 or fax: 031 709 3914.

1. How and where hunting licences can be obtained. (Contact particulars) KZN H&C A office  031 709 3904 Various gun shops

2. Costs of hunting licences.


OPEN GAME ( Blesbuck and Springbuck):  No licences needed
Apply during the hunting season only, 31 May to 31 August at a cost of R8.00
(Any of these species hunted out of the season, will require a Special Licence)
African Quail
Coqui Francolin
Natal Francolin
Crested Francolin
Red Francolin
Shelley's Francolin
Greywing Francolin
Red-necked Francolin
Swainson's Francolin
Egyptian Goose
White-faced whistling duck
Red-bill Teal
Spurwing Goose
Yellow-bill duck
Crowned Guineafowl
Ramcron Pigeon
Bushbuck Male
Grey Duiker (Common Duiker)


Apply during the whole year and are valid for 1 month.  A licence is purchased per species of animals you wish to hunt.
African Pochard      R2.00          
African Sheldduck      R2.00
Black Duck R2.00 Blue Duiker R24.00
Black Wildebeest ( TOPS) R18.00   Buffalo R60.00
Blue Wildebeest R12.00   Bushbuck, Female R5.00
Bush Baby R7.00   Crested Guineafowl R3.00
Cape Shoveler R2.00   Falvous Whistling R2.00
Eland R24.00   Hippopotamus R120.00
Grey Rhebuck R18.00   Knob-bill Duck R2.00
Hottentot Teal R2.00 Livingstone Antelope (Suni) R24.00
Kudu R18.00 Mountain Reedbuck R12.00
Maccoa Duck R2.00 Oribi R24.00
Nyala R18.00 Red Duiker R24.00
Pygma Goose R2.00 Common Reedbuck (TOPS) R7.00
Redhartebeest R24.00 Samango Monkey R7.00
Sable Antelope R12.00 Warthog R7.00
Steenbuck R12.00 Whitebacked Duck R2.00
Waterbuck R18.00 Zebra R12.00
3. Is it applicable on enclosed/exempted farms as well as open farms.

4. Is a letter of authorisation required from the land owner.
It is not a requirement, but recommended. When the meat is transported, the landowner will sign the document (both permission to hunt and transport the meat).

5. Are permits required for specific species?

Category: Endangered Species – Indigenous species facing a high risk of extinction in the wild in species
Black Rhinoceros

Category: Vulnerable Species – In
Roan Antelope
Blue Duiker

CATEGORY: Protected Species –
White Rhinoceros
Black Wildebeest
Spotted Hyena
Brown Hyena
African elephant


Hunting licenses are available at agencies like firearm dealers and other offices of Cape Nature Conservation. The price is R170.00 per license and every hunter should be in possession of a general hunting license. However, direct family members of the land owner do not need a license for ordinary game.

1. Name of Province.
Western Cape

2. How and where hunting licences can be obtained. (Contact particulars)
Licences can be obtained from any of the following CapeNature offices:

Oudtshoorn     044 203 6300
George    044 802 5300
Porterville   022 931 2900
Robertson   023 625 1621
Cape Town   021 483 0000
Onrus   028 314 0062
The above-mentioned offices can be contacted for a list of hunting clubs, businesses and gun shops who act on behalf of CapeNature in selling hunting licences.

3. Costs of hunting licences.
R170 per licence

4. Is it applicable on enclosed/exempted farms as well as open farms.
If you are the landowner, you do not need a hunting licence to hunt;

a) Wild animals listed on a Certificate of Adequate Enclosure if you have such a valid certificate,    
b) Hunt wild animals on your property without a Certificate of Adequate Enclosure, in terms of
    the Annual Hunting Notice.

Hunters hunting on properties of which they are not the landowner, must be in possession of a valid hunting licence at all times.

5. Is a letter of authorisation required from the land owner.
Yes, written permission from the landowner is required, that specifies when, where and what may be hunted. It must also include an invitation to hunt on the property. (See example of such an invitation and permission attached)
If any part of the hunted animal carcass is to be removed from the land, the landowner must also grant permission for it. This is applicable even if the carcass is a gift to someone who did not hunt, or even if the hunter only takes the horns or the hide with him/her.

6. Are permits required for specific species.
Hunters may apply to Cape Nature for a permit to hunt a wild animal for which there is no hunting season or to use a prohibited hunting method.

7. Format of removal certificate. (Example can be attached.)
See attached example.

8. Any other issue of interest.
a. It is important to remember that different rules apply when hunting on a property that is certified by a Certificate of Adequate Enclosure (CoAE), than hunting on a farm without a Certificate of Adequate Enclosure.

b. To hunt legally on another’s land you must be in possession of a valid hunting licence, hunt in the hunting season (except if the property is certified by a CoAE) and use approved hunting methods.

c. Hunting licences cannot be carried over from one person to another, and therefore each member of a hunting party need his / her own licence.

d. A Western Cape hunting licence is only valid within the boundaries of the Western Cape.

e. You may not hunt at night, from one hour after sundown until one hour before sunrise, unless you have applied and are in possession of a permit to use prohibited hunting methods which allows the hunter to hunt at night and to use a spotlight.

f. You may not hunt on or alongside a public road, or use a weapon in a public place within the boundaries of an urban area.


Further information obtainable from Diana Nel. Tel: 051 400 9527

Please note that hunters can participate in a voluntary project to do research regarding the appearance of “snotsiekte” amongst “wildebeest” in the Province. Permits are available from game farmers at a cost of R25, 00 per permit. Please note that the hunter is under no obligation to buy such a permit. However we encourage all hunters to participate in the project.

1. Vrystaat

2. Hoofkantoor van omgewingsake Tel: 051 400 9526 / 7  Alle provinsiale natuurreservate, Vrystaat Jagters Tel: 051 447 8529, Kloppers Tel: 051 400 5500, Bfn Custom rifles Tel: 051 447 7549.

3. Jaglisensie R100

4. Ja, in alle gevalle behalwe by geproklameerde Privaat Natuurreservate.

5. Ja, in alle gevalle

6. Ja, vir alle bedreigde- of beskermde spesies

7. Voorbeeld aangeheg

8. Bogenoemde dokumentasie moet aan person gedra word in die jagveld.


Hunting licenses are valid for exactly one year from the day of purchase. Hunting seasons, however, are applicable to certain game species and a proclamation is obtainable from CHASA Office. All hunters need general hunting licenses to hunt in the Eastern Cape Province. This license is also valid for bird hunting.

A general hunting license cost R20.00 and can be obtained from the following places:
Nature Conservation East London Tel: 043 742 0340
Bisho Tel: 040 609 2307
ECGMA Tel: 041 933 1394

The licenses can also be obtained from firearms dealers in the province.

1. Name of Province.
Eastern Cape, East London

2. How and where hunting licences can be obtained. (Contact particulars) We buy books for our members from the local office of
Nature Conservation in Beacon Bay. Tel: 043 741 2212

3. Costs of hunting licences.
R20 per person, valid for 12 months from day of purchase or issue.

4. Is it applicable on enclosed/exempted farms as well as open farms.
Yes for Closed (CAE) Farms, for culling on your own property no license required.

5. Is a letter of authorisation required from the land owner.
Yes, to hunt and for the transportation of the meat.

6. Are permits required for specific species.
Yes, e.g. Black Wildebeest.

7. Format of removal certificate. (Example can be attached).
See attached form most widely used. I’m not aware of an official form.

8. Any other issue of interest.
Below is an explanation from Div de Villiers on hunting in the former Transkei.
“There is no hunting season in the former Transkei. Anyone that wants to hunt will require a permit from the Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs (DEDEA).”


1. Noord-Kaap

2. Noord-Kaap Jaglisensies kan by enige Noord-Kaap poskantoor verkry word, asook by enige hoofposkantoor in die groot stede in elke provinsie, volgens ons inligting.

3. Die Noord-Kaap Jaglisensie kos R150.00

4. Ja, maar jaglisensies word nie benodig deur familielede nie.  Sien aangeheg, definisie van ‘n familielid soos beskryf in die Ordonnansie 19 van 1974.

5. Ja, en nie net ‘n toestemmingsbrief nie, maar ook ‘n verwyderingsbrief. (sien aangeheg ‘n voorbeeld van so ‘n verwyderingsbrief). Hierdie voorbeeld voldoen aan die wetlike vereistes van Ordonnansie 19 van 1974.

6. Permitte word benodig as jy enige diere skiet wat in die “Bedreigde” kategorie van die Noord-Kaap Ordonnansie val. (sien aangeheg Bylae 1 van Natuurbewaring se Ordonnansie 19 van 1974).

7. Sien aangeheg ‘n afskrif van die verwyderingsertifikaat.

8. Elke jaar word ‘n nuwe jagproklomasie uitgereik vir die Noord-Kaap. (sien aangeheg). 


Exempted farms – same as in Limpopo province.
Open farms (Hunting seasons apply)
Hunting licenses can be obtained at the following number: Tel: 011 355 1207

The cost for the book is R1250.00.  It is valid for one year: 1 May 2011 to 30 April 2012. You only issue licenses between 1st May and 30 April.  If you have pages left, in your book you can use it the next season. - PACASA WILL BE PURCHASING A BOOK SO OTHER CHASA MEMBERS CAN GET BIRD LISENCES FROM US. THE COST OF THE LISENCE IS R25 + R25 HANDLING FEE FOR PACASA. A COPY WILL BE FAXED AND THE ORIGINAL POSTED (THIS IS FOR BIRD LISENCES)
Written permission from the Landowner.
Yes for problem animals and birds. Bird can also be hunted during
open season according to the quota in the government gazette.


Exempted farms– same as in Limpopo province.

Open farms (Hunting seasons apply). The land owner must apply for a quota of game to be hunted each year. The Department of Nature Conservation will supply a hunting license booklet to the farm owner that can be used to issue hunting licenses to hunters. Licences must be carried at all times during the hunting trip. Further info can be obtained from Tel: 018 389 5717.

Mosselbos commented on 15-Jul-2011 10:20 PM5 out of 5 stars
Waadevolle inligting . In die verlede het jagters geweet jaglisensies kry jy die landros kantoor . Vandag is dit ñ goed bewaarde geheim waar om ñ lisensie te kry . Knap gedaan SJB


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