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Dear Heads of Delegations,

 Thank you for your constant support of the CIC in your country. 

 As you know, the Culture Division, together with the CIC Prize Committee organised a CIC members' photo contest. The deadline of the submission was extended in order to have a great variety of beautiful and memorable photos. The members have been informed by  a circular email already, however, we would kindly ask you to emphasize the extended deadline through your communication channels within your national CIC Delegation. Attached please find a PDF with all the necessary information for a successful participation in the contest.

 Thank you very much for your valuable help in advance.

 Kind regards,

 Dr. Kristóf HECKER

Head Division Coordination Unit

International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation
CIC Headquarters, H-2092 Budakeszi, P.O. Box 82, Hungary
Phone: +36 23 45 38 30,  Fax: +36 23 45 38 32
E-mail:, Web:


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