Requirements to hunt within the Western Cape

01-Jun-2011 Herewith requirements to hunt within the Western Cape

1. Name of Province.
Western Cape

2. How and where hunting licences can be obtained. (Contact particulars)
Licences can be obtained from any of the following CapeNature offices:
SJB  Office      044 696 6269
Oudtshoorn     044 203 6300
George            044 802 5300
Porterville        022 931 2900
Robertson       023 625 1621
Cape Town      021 483 0000
Onrus              028 316 3338

The above-mentioned offices can be contacted for a list of hunting clubs, businesses and sport shops who act on behalf of CapeNature in selling hunting licences.

3. Costs of hunting licences.
R170 per licence
R150 per licence ( SJB members. Obtained at SJB office)

4. Is it applicable on enclosed/exempted farms as well as open farms.
If you are the landowner and you are in possession of a valid Certificate of Adequate Enclosure you do not need a licence to hunt protected wild animals.
Landowners may hunt unprotected wild animals without a permit or licence throughout the year, using any accepted hunting method.
Hunters hunting on properties of which they are not the landowner must be in possession of a valid hunting licence at all times.

5. Is a letter of authorisation required from the land owner.
Yes, written permission from the landowner is required, that specifies when, where and what may be hunted.
If any part of the hunted animal carcass is to be removed from the land, the landowner must also grant permission for it. This is applicable even if the carcass is a gift to someone who did not hunt himself, or even if the hunter only takes the horns or the hide with him/her.

6. Are permits required for specific species.
Hunters may apply to CapeNature for a permit to hunt protected wild animals for which there is no hunting season for example Eland.

7. Format of removal certificate. (Example can be attached.)
See attached example.

8. Any other issue of interest.
  • It is important to remember that different rules apply to hunting on land that are certified by a Certificate of Adequate Enclosure (CoAE), than hunting on a farm that is not adequately enclosed.
  • To hunt legally on another’s land you must be in possession of a valid hunting licence, hunt in the hunting season (except if the property is certified by a CoAE) and use approved hunting methods.
  • Hunting licences cannot be carried over from one person to another, and therefore all members of a hunting party need their own licence.
  • You may not hunt at night, from one hour after sundown until one hour before sunrise unless you have applied and are in possession of a permit to use prohibited hunting methods which allows the hunter to hunt at night and to use a spotlight.
  • You may not hunt on or alongside a public road, or use a weapon in a public place within the boundaries of an urban area.


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