Southern Cape Hunters and Conservation Association is a member of CIC – the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation
CIC is a politically independent advisory body internationally active on a non-profit basis. With its renowned scientific capacity, the CIC assists governments and environmental organizations in maintaining natural resources by sustainable use.

Missions / Objectives

The CIC and all of its components endeavor to advocate at all national and international bodies concerned with management of wild-living resources especially the following by demanding:
  • recognition of the global environment as a common concern to all of us,
  • respect for all forms of life in their ecosystems,
  • conservation of nature, mainly the fauna, in the interest of the present and future generations by preventive and precautionary measures,
  • avoidance of the loss of biological diversity, especially through the protection of endangered species,
  • sustainable use of natural resources as an important tool for social and economic benefits and therefore as an incentive for their conservation,
  • harvesting of game through selective taking while respecting the natural ecosystems,
  • improvement of wildlife management and land-use,
  • promotion of scientific research, education as well as information to the public supporting our cause,
  • provide advice to the public authorities, national and international organizations and answer their demands.
The CIC pledges to undertake everything in its capacity in order to ensure that these objectives are met in an ethical manner and that these principles become the basis for all its orbital interventions and activities.

Benefits of Membership

The members of the CIC are a prominent part of a worldwide network of opinion leaders promoting the conservation of wildlife through sustainable hunting.
In today’s global world, there is ample proof that issues of wildlife, issues of conservation of wild living animals through sustainable hunting are not decided anymore just on the local level – they are subject to truly global decisions, taken by the international community, which, consequently, are binding for each and every hunter. The CIC, since almost 80 years, has recognized this and acts accordingly!
Today, the organization is actively engaged in advocating the Sustainable Use Principle on the level of all important international fora where the CIC enjoys a highly recognized, strong partnership. In fact, the CIC is widely accepted as consultant to governments and government agencies, in all major discussions, where the issue of sustainable use and its implementation is at stake.
This, incidentally, is the reason why the Government of Austria has awarded the CIC the status of “working in the public interest” – a public law status which sets the CIC positively apart from most of the environmental activist groups opposed to the Sustainable Use Principle.

Within this context, the CIC contributes to a better understanding of the status and the key issues of conservation and sustainable use of wildlife by organizing and co-organizing symposia, workshops and other wildlife management related events, not exclusively for their members, but also for the wider public.
There is another important aspect, which motivates the CIC, and its close-knit community of members – game does not know borders! With your help we can continue to assist our vital work for a better understanding of people across all borders, people of different backgrounds but with one common denominator: let us work together to promote sustainable hunting as a wonderful lifestyle around the globe. After all – man is part of nature!

Membership Structure

The CIC is unique in its diversity: it unites 32 states as members, universities, NGOs, national hunting associations as well as private members and scientific experts from 82 countries.
State Members are representatives of states, government agencies or national public institutions. They may have three representatives thus three votes in the CIC General Assembly. The membership fee depends on the number of inhabitants of the country.
Association Members are representatives of national or international non-governmental organisations. They may have one representative and one vote in the General Assembly. The membership fee depends on the number of members of the organisation.
Individual Members form the majority of CIC. The basic individual membership fee is 300 EUR in 2007 to which certain delegations add a national delegation fee, which varies from country to country.

Experts in the field of wildlife conservation and hunting are exempt from membership fee, as they are expected to contribute to the goals and objectives of the CIC with their special expertise. This way the CIC has built up a significant wildlife conservation knowledge base.
Young Opinion Members, who are less then 34 years old, pay a reduced yearly fee, as CIC would like to promote the next generation, and encourage them to give voice to their opinion.

The CIC is a non-profit organisation, which means that all of its members may contribute to the goals and objectives of the CIC on a voluntary basis according to his or her level of commitment.
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