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Suidkaap Jagters - Tuesday, June 21, 2016


JUNE 2016



The appointment of a Chief Executive Officer for CHASA was under discussion by the CHASA Board for some time. 

After thorough debate and after taking all factors into account, the decision was taken to go ahead with appointing a suitable CEO. Part of the investigation into the matter included identifying key performance areas for the job. 

The EXCO identified the following areas as critical for the future of hunting and for our organisation:

•    Advocacy
•    Media
•    Alliances / Liaison
•    Branding and Marketing
•    Funding
•    Key Projects

The CEO will spend most of his time dealing with issues related to these key performance areas.

Baie geluk aan ons vorige voorsitter, Stephen Palos, wat aangestel is as CHASA se eerste Hoof Uitvoerende Beampte. 

Ons wens hom graag sterkte toe in sy nuwe pos en ons vertrou dat die CHASA familie hom sal ondersteun in die groot taak wat hy moet verrig.


Pieter van Niekerk

Is Trophy a Swear-word?


Most South African hunters do not consider themselves to be trophy hunters. The usual term is “biltong hunter” or “meat hunter”. But most South African hunters have mementos of animals they have hunted in their homes. If not a shoulder mount, then perhaps a set of horns or a skull-mount, and at the very least a few photos of special animals or your first animal. In essence, these mementos are all trophies and as such we are largely all to a greater or lesser extent, trophy hunters. In fact, I have discussed this with quite a few taxidermists and all have said that at least 65% of the work they do is for South Africans! But trophy hunting has borne the brunt of a period of unprecedented attack lately. 

A number of high profile incidents have been escalated by anti-hunting and particularly animal-rightist groups into a frenzy of media attention against it. There is proof in the USA that when the word trophy is added to the word hunting, public acceptance drops from somewhere in the 80s to down in the high 20% level. This is because the perception is that trophy hunters do nothing more than kill a magnificent beast, hack off the head and leave the rest to rot. Now, some prominent hunters and organisations are suggesting more acceptable labelling of trophies and trophy hunting. One suggestion is “Conservation Hunting”, and another suggests changing hunting to harvesting. 

I’m not convinced this is the answer. Changing the label does not change the contents. The origins of words are often based on military, hunting or seafaring terms because these were profound and noble practices throughout mankind’s development and history. Why should we forsake such noble terminology simply to try appease the sensitivities of ignorant folk? In fact, whatever terms we use, the “antis” will soon enough pick up on it and adjust their attacks…

Our solution lies in continuing the noble and rightful practice of hunting, in a manner all of us can be proud of. Keep your mementos and support those who hunt specifically for the trophy, even if that’s not our own first concern. Be true to yourself and remember that culling is culling, shooting is shooting, harvesting is harvesting and most notably hunting IS hunting. All of these have their place in our exciting wildlife industry in South Africa, and all are supported and defended by CHASA, but try to celebrate the true trophies by honouring them with our Fair Chase Policy! 



Stephen Palos



24 - 26 June 2016              Kirkwood Wildsfees 2016
3 September 2016             CHASA Board Meeting,Zebra Lodge Pretoria, Bosveld Jagters
14 - 17 September 2016    Agri-Mega Week, Bredasdorp


5 April            Wynand Fourie Suid-Kaap Jagters
12 April          Kobus van Jaarsveld Noordwes Jagters
17 April          Marius Haarhoff Macnab Jagklub
23 April          Andre Botha BCB
23 April          Abelines Schoeman Kaapjag
26 April          Joggie Maartens Swartwitpens Jagters


1 May          Martin Hood CTSASA
6 May          G de Wit Noordkaap Jagters
9 May          Riaan Meintjes Vrystaat Jagters

13 May        Esjee Koortz Kalahari Jagters
14 May        Patrick Stephenson Amatola Hunters
27 May        Bronwyn Norman Harrier Hunting Club
28 May        Danie Rossouw Macnab Jagklub
29 May        Ronnie McDonald Randse Jagtersvereniging
30 May        Debbie Gibson Bosveld Jagters

30 May        Jan van der Walt Wild en Jag

We would like to wish you all a Happy Belated Birthday.


13 June       Llewellend Norman Harrier Hunting Club
15 June       Liesel Jordaan Border Hunting Club

15 June       Jacque Maartens Swartwitpens Jagters
24 June       Pieter van Niekerk CHASA President
29 June       Peter Sutton Bushveld Conservation Bureau
14 May        Patrick Stephenson Amatola Hunters
28 May        Danie Rossouw Macnab Jagklub
29 May        Ronnie McDonald Randse Jagtersvereniging
30 May        Debbie Gibson Bosveld Jagters

We would like to wish you all a Happy Birthday!


(posgeld uitgesluit/excluding postage)

CHASA Kantoor / Office Tel: 041 922 5600 of/or



Dit is een van CHASA se strategiese prioriteite om meer aandag te skenk aan die werwing van 
junior jagters asook om hulle betrokkenheid in verenigingaktiwiteite te bevorder.

Gevolglik het die Raad van CHASA besluit om  die Junior Jagter / Mentor Jagfoto-Gelukkige Trekking weer in 2016 aan te bied.  

Die behels die volgende:

1)    Jagfotos van 'n junior jagter en sy mentor moet aan CHASA se kantoor                    gestuur word. Fotos wat in die 2016 jagseisoen geneem is, sal kwalifiseer.
2)    Die foto moet vergesel word van 'n brief van die grondeienaar wat die plek en          die datum van  die jag bevestig.
3)    Die kwaliteit van die foto sal nie as kriteria geld nie en die wenner sal deur 'n            gelukkige trekking aangewys word.
4)    Die prys behels 'n jaguitstappie wat deur Mnr. Rob Peachey, 'n lid van BASA 
       (Big Bore Association Southern Africa) geborg word.
5)    CHASA sal weer 'n bedrag van R6 000.00 borg om by te dra tot die                          vervoerkostes van die junior jagter en sy mentor.
6)    Die sluitingsdatum vir die instuur van fotos is 26 Augustus 2016.
7)    Die trekking sal plaasvind tydens die September 2016 Raadsvergadering.
8)    Die mentor mag nie die bok vir die Junior skiet nie.
9)    Dit is nie vereiste vir die mentor om op die foto te verskyn saam met die junior        nie.


Ons sien uit na u samewerking en ondersteuning in hierdie verband.



It is one of CHASA’s strategic aims to give more attention to the canvassing of junior hunters as well as to promote their involvement in association activities.

Subsequently the Board of CHASA resolved that the Junior Hunter / Mentor Hunting Photo Lucky Draw  will be repeated in 2016.  

This will comprise the following:

1)    Hunting photos of the junior hunter and his mentor must be forwarded to the            CHASA office. 
       Photos taken in the 2016 hunting season will qualify.
2)    The photo must be accompanied by a letter from the land owner confirming            the place and date of the hunt.
3)    The quality of the photo shall not form the criteria to qualify and the winner will         be determined by means of a lucky draw. 
4)    The prize is a an organised hunt which has been sponsored by Rob Peachey,          a member of BASA (Big Bore Association Southern Africa).
5)    The CHASA Board will also sponsor an amount of R6 000.00 towards the                 travelling costs of the junior hunter and his mentor.
6)    To closing date for photo entries is 26 August 2016.
7)    The draw will take place during the September 2016 Board meeting.
8)    The mentor must not shoot the buck for the junior. 

9)     It is not a required that the mentor must be on the photo with the junior.

We are looking forward to your co-operation and support in the above regard.

CHASA Contact Details

President: Prof Pieter van Niekerk
Chief Executive Officer : Mr Stephen Palos

General Manager: Mr Rory O'Moore
Administrator: Ms Desirè Thysse

082 - 523 8201 (Rory)
041 - 922 5600 (Office)

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