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Conducting of Safe Inspections

Suidkaap Jagters - Friday, January 22, 2010

Applications for the renew al of firearm licences in terms of the Firearms Control Act , 2000 (Act no. 60 Of 2000)  (by Direct or Section Head: Firearms, Liquor and Secondhand goods control, JJ Bothma)

1. Regulation 86 of the Firearms Control Regulations, 2004 stipulate that when a firearm is not under the direct personal and physical control of a holder of a licence, permit or authorization to possess the firearm, the firearm and its ammunition must be stored in a safe or strongroom that conforms to the prescripts of SABS Standards 953-1 and 953-2, unless otherwise specifically provided in the Firearms Control Regulations, 2004.

2. It is imperative and necessary in terms of regulation 86 (11) (a) that where storage of a firearm, other than a firearm licenced in terms of section 13 of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No.60 of 2000) for self defence is to be exercised, the firearm must be stored unloaded.

3. It is therefore a prerequisite that before the SouthAfrican Police Service can issue a firearm licence, permit or authorization to a person to possess a firearm, such person must prove that she/he do have the necessary safe storage facility in terms of regulation 86 of the Firearms Control Regulation, 2004.

4. In order to enhance service delivery and ensure a smooth administration of applications for the renewal of firearm licences of individuals, it has been decided that the Designated Firearms Officer can accept a sworn affidavit/solemn declaration from an applicant stating the he/she is in possession of a prescribed safe as per paragraph 1 supra instead of the Designated Firearms Officer visiting the premises of the applicant to inspect the safe storage facilities.

5. In the case where an applicant is in possession of a safe or strongroom for the safe custody of the firearms which complies with the regulations under the previous Arms and Ammunition Act, 1969 (Act No. 75 of 1969), such safe or strongroom is deemed to comply with the standards set out in SABS Standard 953 -1 and 953 -2 respectively.

6. It is required of the applicant to complete the sworn declaration/solemn affirmation (Annexure “A”) in which she/he acknowledge the contents of regulation 86 (1) and 86 (8) of the Firearm Control Regulations, 2004.

7. The applicant must further provide photographic proof in color of the affixed safe and the location thereof.

8 . The signed sworn declaration/solemn affirmation together with the photographed safe/strongroom must be submitted together with the application as an integral part of the supporting documents that must accompany the respective applications.

9. The responsibility is still with the relevant Designated Firearms Officer to inspect the safes where a person (applicant) refuse to sign the attached solemn declaration/sworn affidavit or failed to provide photographic proof to
verify such safe storage facility or any other safe storage facilities.

10. This directive must be implemented with effect from 11August 2009.

11. Your co-operation to effectively implement the above procedure is highly appreciated.

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