Welkom by die amptelike webtuiste van SJB, die grootste kultuurvereniging in die Tuinroete en die tuiste van die Suid-Kaap se jagter-bewaarders.

Suid-Kaap Jagters se missie is om die toekoms van jag te verseker deur die bewaring en volhoubare ekonomiese benutting van ons natuurlike hulpbronne, die daarstel van'n kultuur van etiese jag, en die uitbou van die sport en die beeld van die jagter.

Met hierdie doel voor oe bied ons aan ons lede kameraadskap, opwindende aktiwiteite, inligting, opleiding, sosiale interaksie en erkenning van prestasie.


Welcome to the official web site of SJB, home of hunter-conservationists, and the largest cultural organisation on the Garden Route.

Southern Cape Hunters' mission is to secure the future of our hunting heritage by supporting the conservation and sustainable utilisation of our natural resources, by fostering a common culture of ethical conduct amongst hunters, and by promoting the image of hunters.

In order to achieve this we offer our members fellowship and exciting activities through information sharing, training, social events and the recognition of performance.

Guide for Hunters in the Western Cape

Hunting is a legal activity in South Africa. Every province has its own "do's and don'ts" when it comes to hunters. This guide specifi cally highlights the most important information regarding legislation and regulations relevant to hunting in the Western Cape. In particular it focuses on people who hunt with fi rearms.




Directions for Biodiversity for Alert Level 3:
The purpose of these Directions is to provide direction in respect of the carrying out of certain activities by the biodiversity sector in terms of the National Environmental Management.

Directions for Biodiversity for Alert Level 3, Article Content Tue, 09 Jun 2020


Permit required for level 3 hunting - Permit benodig vir jag op vlak 3:
Please note that the person to whom the permit is issued must at all times present a form of identification together with this permit. If no identification is presented the person to whom the permit is issued, he/she will have to return to his or her place of residence during Alert Level

Permit required for level 3 hunting - Permit benodig vir jag op vlak 3, Article Content Fri, 05 Jun 2020


Alert Level 3 - Hunting may be done in the following manner:
The declaration of the invalidity and unconstitutionality of the Regulations that were published on 28 May 2020 for Alert Level 3, is suspended for a period of 14 business days from date of the judgment.

Alert Level 3 - Hunting may be done in the following manner, Article Content Thu, 04 Jun 2020