Hunting - COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown - South Africa

Morning everybody this post is for the hunters.

Social media is good for communication and bad for speculation, and right now there is much speculation about whether we can hunt or not under schedule 4 of the proposed new regulations.

Let us put aside our desires and apply some logic to the  situation.

Firsly we simply do not have the final regulations  so anything anyone says or speculates has a high probability of being incorrect to some  extent.

Secondly the schedules say "draft" on them , which is self explanatory. 

Then we have the recent history of regulatory promulgations by various ministries which have been confusing, sometime contradictory and unclear which have resulted in many amendments. We can expect more of the same to start with in the new regulations and anyone who feels that their industry or activity has been omitted will lobby for changes which will in all probability happen after the inital regulations are published.

Then there is the output from  the organised hunting associations  that have been told by the minister of environmental affairs that hunting as we know it[ not problem animal control] will not take place for several months , if at all this year.

We should also consider the nature of hunting , which by defintiton is a social activity of the nature that government wants to restrict to limit corona virus transmission. All of this mitigates against hunting being allowed unless under very strict conditions .

So, let us pls wait for the regulations and even more importantly, let us all collectively , be responsible in our response to the regulations  and how we hunt if it is permisssable. 

We do not want the minority spoiling hunting for the majority because they break the rules, whatever such rules ultimately may be.


From Martin Hood Facebook

Tue, 28 Apr 2020